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Swim with extraordinary sea life in the clear blue waters of Mexico!


Hike with the group to the El Salto Waterfall! This beautiful scenic hike will be a great activity for the group to connect with nature.

Waterfall Hike

The group will head into the gorgeous city of Manzanillo, Mexico! There are so many things to see and do here, shopping, food, and more!

Trip into the city


Per Person

May 16-23 2020

Manzanillo, Mexico

This experience is about supporting our journey as women in all the phases and season of our body and life by reclaiming, uncovering, rediscovering lost parts of ourselves and integrating them back into normality, in the most beautiful and confident way, by getting to know the women within and the deeper layers of our scared power.


Through yoga, dance, meditations and group conversations you will be gifted with tools that can transform your life. You will leave this retreat feeling full with increased awareness of what it means to truly be whole. We will explore holistic healing, physical, mental & emotional health from a spiritual and psychological perspective.


Join instructor Misty Powell for an all-inclusive women only yoga and dance wellness retreat this spring! This 7-day retreat is a deep dive into sacred feminine awakening supporting you to align to your Inner soul truth, awaken your spiritual gifts, and activate your rose essence! Misty will be providing rose mastery teachings, sacred feminine teachings, womb healing and awakening, yin yoga meditation, & somatic soul integration! 

  • 3 Programs are included: Yoga, Practical, and Dance (see details of each below);

  • Each day, you’ll experience one morning session and one afternoon session of 3  hours with approximately 2 hours of movement journey and 1 hour of other embodiment integration in each session;

  • Excursions: Snorkeling, Waterfall Hike, and a Trip into Mexico;

  • Experience intimate sessions to explore your energy body;

  • Sound Healing Experience;

  • Enjoy fresh nourishing meals;

  • Indulge in self-care practices through life-­enhancing workshops that will deepen your commitment to your daily routine of caring for yourself;

  • Reconnect with a full moon ritual and celebration May 18th; 

  • Explore your superpower, and  discover your healing through journaling prompts, discussions, and energetic practices that deepen your connection to source.

*See more details on what ALL our all-inclusive retreats include:

Yoga Program

DAY 1:  Rose Submersion Meditation, Grounding/Water Blessing Ceremony, & Rose Bath

DAY 2: Chakra 1­‐Root Chakra/Setting firm foundation. Connecting to the Earth.

DAY 3: Rose Immersion Chakra 2‐Sacral Chakra feminine flow, Creativity & Fluidity. Releasing emotional blockages.

DAY 4: Chakra 3‐Solar Plexus Chakra. Channelizing fresh energies towards your goals.

DAY 5: Chakra 4-­‐Heart Chakra. Self­‐Love & Surrendering the Ego.

DAY 6: Chakra 5 & 6 –Throat & 3rd Eye Chakra. Attune & Tuning. Speaking & Seeking the Truth.

DAY 7: Chakra 7 ­‐Crown Chakra-­ Path to Wholeness.

Practical Program

This program is designed for you to expand to the next level of consciousness awareness, presence and grace through the Five Rose Portals.









High vibration meditations, breathing practices, voice activation and Reiki infused massages for you to develop inner alchemy, clearing old wounds and beliefs that are preventing you from fully shining your light in the world… upgrading to higher frequencies of love, joy and prosperity.

Dance Program


Feminine Somatic Soul integration is a spiritual dance practice created by Misty to restore women in their mind, body & soul.


Through intuition medicine & somatic movement, women are able to tap into internal clarity, somatic memory, and creative power centering awaking to higher feminine consciousness.


This technique heals and releases emotional and physical traumas stored in the body, and energy field, connecting your heart center to your womb wisdom!


blue ig.png


Misty is a Psychologist, Wholistic Reiki Healer &  Certified Yoga Instructor. Misty takes you on a journey back to your inner wisdom in such a way that you embodied and resilient to external forces. Applying holistic formulas, she teaches manifesting your best life. Misty Powell offers you a safe space to explore oneself----all while reflecting a high level of integrity, & devotion to personal growth and freedom. Misty is a modern day ancient soul & advisor who is passionate about yoga, traveling, & wellness retreats, Misty is skilled in the area of dance and enjoys facilitating classes focusing on "Somatic Soul Integration” Sacred Womb Wellness She is also a spiritual healer, and yogi mystic, who walks the path she teaches extending a healing heart and hand to help transform the lives of others. Misty has been described as an authentic healer that thinks from the heart center. 

She currently leads wellness workshops, and yoga classes in Los Angeles, California at EQUINOX, YMCA, Y.O.G.A. for Youth, & SHANTI GENERATION.

Misty inspires people from all over the world on how to access and use the power of their heart and soul connection to impact consciousness, health, performance, creativity & relationships. Her clients say she empowers their own inner knowing, she guides them to find their own heart-center balance in a turbulent world and her presence brings them peace.

Misty is honored to share the value of this living tradition and encourage people to experience their infinite potential. She is on a quest to empower others to discover a greater awareness and clearer perspective in their everyday lives


Payment for $500 deposit may be processed through our PayPal account by clicking 'Book Now'.


To proceed with your deposit, please review our terms and conditions regarding payments for the retreat.

Payment - Dene Selkin
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