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Per Person

March 28-April 4 2020

Manzanillo, Mexico

Need some rejuvenation in your life?

Wish you had more energy?

Crave more balance in your life?

Wonder what foods are right for you?

Need an infusion of self love? 

Learn all of this & more on our Holistic Wellness Retreat!


Join Tenley (Molzahn) Leopold & Emily Potter for their Holistic Wellness Retreat! This All-Inclusive Retreat is all about reviving and finding your inner freedom, especially when it comes to food and wellness. We tap into finding the ultimate balance in four key components of your life: Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Physical. Join these two wellness experts in finding your own version of freedom!

  • Start each day with an Inspiring Morning Yoga Practice: Designed to take you on a journey of movement, strength, balance, and relaxation *(Tailored and appropriate for all body types and skill levels);


  • Each afternoon will include an Educational Informational Session to take home and apply to your life immediately; 

  • Late afternoon/Early Evening is Downtime: During down time, enjoy a spa treatment, take an excursion (2 included), or meditate by the pool;

  • Spend the week enjoying healthy food, like-minded friends and deep rest. This retreat is one to leave you feeling loved up, transformed and able to step into your life with a new found freedom!

*See more details on what ALL our all-inclusive retreats include:



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Although many recognize Tenley from her television experiences with ABC’s The Bachelor (Season 14 with Jake Pavelka), Bachelor In Paradise (Season 2) and Bachelor Pad (2010), dance was Tenley’s first love! It took her to California, where she danced professionally at Disneyland, and then a 9-month role at Disneyland in Tokyo as an aerialist, impressively flying 70 feet in the air as Ariel, the Little Mermaid.

Choosing to be a cast member for reality TV requires a willingness to be vulnerable. Tenley’s sincerity and positivity came through, in spite of being runner-up on both shows. She turned her popularity with her audience into a stint with E! News, The Daily 10 as a correspondent and experiencing her own “behind the scenes” experiences. She’s also had the opportunity to appear in television commercials and has modeled, primarily in the fitness industry.

Life hasn’t been smooth sailing, as she suffered from painful, sometimes debilitating stomach/intestinal issues, she was able to determine a gluten-intolerance and then through self-education modify her lifestyle, especially her eating plan, and significantly improve her health. In the process, Tenley discovered a passion for wellness. She went back to school, studying nutrition, and is now a Certified Health Coach. Combining her passion for nutrition and her passion for fitness, Tenley now offers hope for improved wellness for those who have struggled like she has. She is able to consider the whole person when working out a plan for individuals that will move them from disabling symptoms to relief and peace. 


Currently, Tenley lives near the Southern California coast, where she can be seen running, doing yoga or barre, and sometimes even surfing. Finding a balanced lifestyle for herself has been a huge part of her journey toward assisting others to establish the same for themselves. She continues to travel, and especially enjoys “service” trips and has been an Ambassador for the Kusewera organization, promoting ‘creative & active play’ for orphanage children. Tenley can also be seen at many philanthropic events as a supporter, keynote speaker, emcee, or even running on behalf of several organizations. Tenley finds great joy in lending her hand toward good causes!


This holistic wellness retreat is about freedom and empowerment around what you are eating on a daily basis, and learning how to upgrade your lifestyle one baby step at a time that creates lasting change, and leaves you feeling REVIVED and FREE again.


We immediately knew we shared the common dream of helping as many people as we possibly could. The dream of supporting others in finding a healthier lifestyle, with simple upgrades they could make in their very own kitchen. Now, we are on a mission to reach as many people as possible. So cheers to as many happy and healthy lives we can help bring to all of you!


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Nourishing your body shouldn’t feel like swimming upstream, but it does to so many people! We are bombarded with stressful lives, processed foods, environmental toxins and so many challenges that impact our health. I love empowering clients to feel inspired about the food they are eating, to take control of their health, make gentle upgrades and ultimately nourish their relationship with food to create balance.


I am a clinical and holistic health counselor and founder of NourishMint Wellness and co-founder of the DIYcleanse and have over ten years of clinical experience. I am a Certified Yoga Instructor and co-lead yoga teacher trainings each year.


My journey to nutrition was a long road. I was a typical college student who ate fast food and drank lots of coffee and soda. Upon graduation, I discovered yoga in a dark period of grief from a significant and tragic loss in my immediate family. Yoga was a powerful healing tool that guided me to meditation and mindfulness. This life transformation ultimately lead me to studying nutrition.


Living a health conscious life is something that lights me up on every level. I love teaching, empowering and supporting others to feel amazing in their skin. Leading wellness retreats is my favorite part of my job and I have lead multiple retreats in California, Montana, Idaho and now Mexica. I teach a holistic and integrative approach with the tools of nutrition, yoga, psychology and lifestyle upgrades to support overall balance with LASTING change being the ultimate goal.


I believe in the power of using food as medicine. I absolutely love teaching clients how to navigate scary food sensitivities and heal the GI tract, how to prepare healthy meals, and create gentle yet effective lifestyle upgrades to reduce stress in your life and ultimately nourish the body back into balance.


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